Rural Grocery Resources

Supporting rural grocery stores to enhance community vitality and improve food access.

The Nebraska Grocery Industry Association (NGIA) supports rural grocery stores to enhance community vitality and improve access to healthy foods by identifying, developing, and sharing resources that support grocers and rural communities. Find our recourses below!


NGIA provides technical assistance to grocers and communities and partner with organizations and institutions that support rural grocery stores and communities.

“Without a grocery store we have a dying community. The grocery store helps and without it we would really struggle as a community.”– Focus Group Participant, NCDC


Below you’ll find a variety of resources related to grocery improvements and transitions. This list was developed by the Nebraska Cooperative Development Center (NCDC), which is located in the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.


Whether you’re a grocery, community leader, or just interested in learning more about supporting rural grocery stores in your community, there is information available.


Nebraska Rural Grocery Store News & Updates


Farm to Family: A Labor of Love
In Hay Springs, Nebraska, customers stream into the Farm to Family cooperative grocery store. Kids in swimsuits looking for a snack, farmers grabbing a cold drink, and parents picking up the last items for dinner come and go from the litle store on main street.

This scene is the mission of Farm to Family come to life. Farm to Family is a cooperative grocery store, meaning that members buy into the business model and participate in the operation. The store was renovated with hard work and sweat equity from community members. When Hay Springs started the store, people came out to help, doing everything from stripping the wood floors to donating items for the storefront.

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