The Nebraska Grocery Industry Association (NGIA) is a state trade association which represents the grocery industry in Nebraska. The following information includes some of the benefits that are available through NGIA.


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Legislative Representation before Nebraska Senators

NGIA monitors all legislation that is introduced before the Nebraska Legislature. Members are kept informed of important issues through regular reports. NGIA actively supports legislation that will have a positive affect on our industry, and actively lobbies against legislation that would be harmful to the grocery industry.

Legislative Representation on a National Level

NGIA maintains an open line of communication with all members of the Nebraska Delegation and our national associations. Issues that impact our industry are reviewed and members informed of the positive and negative effects. Due to the diligence of our national associations we are able to keep members informed of issues as they arise in Washington, D.C.

Wealth of Information at your Fingertips

NGIA is your resource for information on all subjects related to the grocery industry in Nebraska. If you have questions contact our office for answers or guidance.

Liaison with Regulatory Agencies

The NGIA staff and board of directors provide contact with regulatory agencies. When an issue arises concerning our industry, NGIA is available for input and/or testimony.

The Voice

The NGIA magazine is published six times a year. The publication serves as a source of current information for members of NGIA. Topics keep members updated on legal, legislative and industry news.

Educational Seminars at Discounted Rates

NGIA holds educational sessions which address problems and concerns that affect the grocery industry in Nebraska. Sessions are scheduled each spring and fall, and during our annual convention. NGIA offers discounted registration fees to all members who attend the educational seminars.

Annual Conference

NGIA’s Annual Conference allows grocers from across the state to gather together to share ideas. This event provides a social setting that allows grocers, wholesalers and vendors to meet informally.

Coupon Redemption Program

NGIA’s Coupon Redemption Program offers grocers a service oriented program that takes the work out of coupon redemption. NGIA goes the extra mile in working with charge backs and other coupon issues.

Money Order Program

NGIA operates the Express Lane Money Order Program, a full service program available only to NGIA members. The Money Order Program offers fast and convenient service to large and small grocers at very reasonable rates.

Membership in the Nebraska Grocery Industry Association offers members a variety of benefits which will help individuals become more organized, efficient and profitable. For more information please contact the Association office.


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