Nebraska Grocers’ Coupon Redemption Center

(a service of the Nebraska Grocery Industry Association)

The program is very easy to understand and is formatted to offer retailers a service oriented program on which they can depend. An important feature of our redemption program includes the processing of in-ad coupons. These coupons can be sent to us with manufacturer coupons – no need to sort them out separately. Retailers are issued a check for the face value of coupons forwarded to the Coupon Redemption Center, plus a handling fee as determined by the plan which the retailer has chosen.

The Coupon Redemption center carries a comprehensive, dishonesty, disappearance and destruction policy on the coupons received from the retailer. The retailer authorizes the Nebraska Grocers’ Coupon Redemption Center to act as its agent in collecting monies due retailer for any and all coupons submitted to the coupon redemption center for redemption. Funds are collected from manufacturers and processed with payments being determined as set out in the plan chosen by the retailer.

The retailer is required to submit only coupons to the Redemption Center that have been redeemed in the retailer’s store in accordance with the written provisions stated on the manufacturer’s coupon. The Coupon Redemption Center handles the details and is only a phone call away when questions arise regarding redeemed coupons.

For more information regarding programs offered by the Nebraska Grocery Industry Association or the Nebraska Grocers Coupon Redemption Center and the available redemption plans, please contact:
Nebraska Grocery Industry Association
5935 S. 56th Street, Suite B
Lincoln, NE 68516-3301
(800) 433-6742
(402) 423-5533

Coupon Handling Fees

Average Coupons Per ShipmentFee Returned to Retailer
Up to 5,0001.25¢ + Face Value

Handling fees are paid based on average number of coupons redeemed per year.* Three to five days must be allowed for postal delivery.
** For volumes of 3 million or more coupons annually (58,000 per week). Quoted Rate. Please contact the NGIA office.

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