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Expresslane Money Order Program
NMOA offers this full service money order program to its members at competitive rates. Commissions on the sale of money orders are very profitable and retailers can take advantage of this fast, convenient service, to increase non-food revenues.

The Expresslane Money Order Program offers your customers a convenient way to pay bills. When money orders are available to your customers, you provide a valuable community service while at the same time increasing store traffic. Statistics show that money orders are purchased every day of the week and that once inside a retail store, a money order purchaser is likely to make other purchases. Since money orders are purchased to pay bills on a regular basis, this resource continues to grow.

Retailers profit in two ways:

  1. from the sale of additional merchandise
  2. from the sale of the money order

Expresslane money orders are easy to sell. When using the electronic machine, report figures are tabulated for you. Information on money order sales are polled nightly and funds are automatically ACH’d from your account twice a week. Supplies are provided to you at our cost.

When using the manual machine, the amount of the money order is imprinted on the original form with a check writer (which we supply). The retailer detaches its copy, then collects the face value of the money order plus the retailer’s handling fee from the customer. The retailer gives the customer the money order, and remits the copy, along with a simple report and payment to the NMOA office on a weekly basis. NMOA does the rest. Additional money orders are automatically reissued when stock runs low. Supplies are provided to you at our cost.

The money order fee schedule is based on volume. As the volume of sales increase, the cost to a retailer decreases. Fees are reviewed at least annually and adjustments made when appropriate. The fee schedule is listed below:

# of Money Orders Sold Per YearManual MachineElectric Machine ($300 Max)Electric Machine ($500 Max)
Over 30,00016¢17¢
Under 50061¢

If you are interested in establishing a money order program in your store, or if you are interested in switching your money order program to the NMOA Expresslane Money Order Program, please contact our office. If you are approved, arrangements will be made to supply your business with equipment and supplies that will allow you to operate a successful, full service money order program that is fast, convenient and profitable.

Click here to download a printable Money Order Membership Application (PDF)

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