Expresslane Money Orders

The Nebraska Money Order Associates, Inc. (NMOA) Expresslane Money Order Program is a full-service money order program offered to Nebraska Grocery Industry Association (NGIA) members at highly competitive rates. Retailers are encouraged to take advantage of this fast, convenient service to increase revenue.

Retailers benefit from:

  1. Increased store traffic
  2. Additional merchandise sales
  3. Direct profit

The NMOA Expresslane Money Order program is straightforward and our fee schedule is based on volume. As the volume of sales increase, the cost to a retailer decreases. Fees are reviewed annually and the current schedule is as follows:

Why NMOA Money Orders?

Billions of dollars in money orders are purchased every year! In addition to direct retailer benefit, NMOA partners with GFPS, a certified anti-money laundering processing service with nationwide money order sales experience to ensure our money orders are a profitable and secure way for you to generate revenue. This partnership allows NMOA to provide enhanced 24/7 bilingual customer service, employee training, digital software, and space-saving hardware.

As a valued NGIA member, equipment is provided at no up-front cost to you.

If you are interested in establishing a new money order program in your store, switching your existing program to NMOA Expresslane money orders, or adding our money orders to your current catalog, please contact our office or complete and forward the attached form.

Arrangements will be made to provide you the equipment and supplies which will allow you to operate a fast, convenient, and profitable full-service money order program!

Click here to download a Money Order Membership Application (PDF)

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